Ep. 19: A Great View of the DMV and There’s No Such Thing as a Fun Best Friend Story

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Welcome to episode 19, in which we learn that there’s no such thing as a fun best friend murder. PLUS, we have our first-ever guest! Em’s childhood best friend and longtime paranormal partner Deirdre tells a kick-ass ghost story about the Hilltop House Hotel, giving Em and Christine the chance to gasp simultaneously (this is a rare experience, folks). Then, Christine tells Em and Deirdre about teenage murderer Christine Paolilla, who had the fun nickname “psycho” and may or may not have ripped her weave off amidst her high-school angst.

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Here’s a picture of the gifts that made Christine start yelling:

Hilltop House Hotel and Christine Paolilla

Em “feeling Deirdre’s body heat” as they share a mic: