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When Em was a kid, their favorite snack was tomatoes dipped in chocolate syrup and they wore a different Hawaiian shirt to school every day. They would pet animals back to front and the password on their first laptop was the full lyrics to the Veggietales theme song with no spaces. At ten, Em was convinced they were a character in the “Boxcar Children” series and told people they were homeless, but making it work. Everyone really hoped they would grow out of being so fucking weird. Since then, Em has held job titles such as professional clown, kite salesman, boat carpenter, segway expert, berry farmer, and paranormal investigator. In college, Em worked at Chipotle just to learn the recipe for their corn salsa and then quit. Another time, Em was offered a PhD in neuroscience but decided the smartest career move would be to move to LA with no money and no set plan. It should be no surprise that a podcast about the dead would be firmly planted in Em’s path. Growing up in a small and haunted Virginia town, Em developed an affinity for ghost stories and sweet tea. When Em isn’t drinking milkshakes, they are either preparing for their tiny house build, actively not sharing food, or watching Back to the Future II.
Christine lives in LA with her brother, fiancé, and gooberish rescue dog, Gio. She works at an investigations company, which, surprisingly, is just as cool as it sounds. Christine has always had a fascination with ghosts and crime, so making this podcast with Em is her proudest accomplishment in life (besides that time she was in a Girl Scouts commercial). In her spare time Christine can be found at the dog park, wandering the cereal aisle of the grocery store, or injuring herself in a beginner yoga class. As far as her passions go, she is equally fond of budget wine and the stories that make her drink it.