Ep. 20: Fun Times in the Body Chute and Em’s Hairy Torso

You’ve asked, you’ve begged, you’ve pleaded…and we finally succumbed to your requests – episode 20 features the one and only Waverly Hills Sanitorium (not Sanitarium, we checked) as well as a pretty terrible guy named Gregory Scott Hale. In this episode we ask the important questions: Is it more acceptable to eat people if they’ve been cooked? Where can I find Jesus the biggest? What’s so traumatizing about a torso?

Perhaps most importantly, we get our **FIRST FAN MAIL** but our excitement quickly devolves into concern when we can’t decode its mysterious symbols. (For real guys, if we go missing, blame this anonymous person in Utah.)

Christine also rescues a bug, but Em doesn’t approve of that segment. And that’s why we drink!

The mystery symbol

Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Gregory Scott Hale